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In Jamf Pro, VPP (Volume Purchase Program) management refers to the efficient administration and distribution of apps and books purchased through Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager. These programs enable organizations to buy apps and books in bulk and distribute them to their devices and users.

Jamf Pro integrates with Apple’s VPP to optimize the deployment and management of these apps and books. The key features of VPP management in Jamf Pro include:

  1. License management: Jamf Pro empowers organizations to track VPP licenses, including the number of licenses purchased, used, and available for each app or book.

  2. App and book distribution: Organizations can assign apps and books to devices or users while configuring settings like automatic updates and uninstallation.

  3. User assignment: Jamf Pro allows admins to assign VPP content to users based on user groups, ensuring the right users have access to the appropriate apps and books.

  4. Device assignment: VPP content can also be assigned to devices, enabling organizations to manage apps and books on a device level without user interaction.

  5. Reporting: Jamf Pro provides reports on VPP content usage and license allocation, helping organizations monitor and optimize their app and book distribution.

  6. Integration with Apple’s platforms: Jamf Pro seamlessly integrates with Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager, simplifying the process of importing and managing VPP content.

By leveraging VPP management in Jamf Pro, organizations can efficiently manage and distribute apps and books to their devices and users, ensuring a streamlined experience and maximizing the benefits of their Apple ecosystem.